Donaldson Spin-On Duramax Hydraulic Filter P170309

HMK03 Series Duramax spin-on filters offer twice the capacity of competiitve filters, yet they are physically smaller than traditional housing/ cartridge filter assemblies. It features a die cast aluminum head and a unique radial seal O-Ring gasket design that eliminates leakage.

Take advantage of Donaldson's Mix n' Match system of in-stock heads, housing and media choices - so you can get exactly what you need. A full range of media options are available, using Donaldson's exclusive Synteq synthetic media designed especially for liquid filtration. Likewise, select the exact indicator types and bypass options to suit your application.

"Length: 9.52"" (242 mm) Thread Size: 2-12 Gasket OD: 3.13"" (80 mm) Gasket ID: 1.86"" (47 mm) Outer Diameter: 3.13"" (80 mm) Efficiency 50%: 2 Micron Efficiency Beta 2: 2 Micron Efficiency Beta 20: 3 Micron Efficiency Beta 75: 5 Micron "


  • Item #: P170309 P170307
  • Manufacturer: Donaldson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: P170309 P170307

Donaldson Spin-On Duramax Hydraulic Filter P170309

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