Donaldson Duramax Spin On Hydraulic Filter P165354

HMK04 (single) and HMK24 (double) Duramax spin-on filters both feature a die-cast aluminum head, a heavy-duty steel body, with die-cast aluminum top plate for added strength. A special head-to-canister O-Ring seal prevents leakage. BunaN seals are standard; Viton seals are available on some models.

Since both HMK04 and HMK24 models use the same replacement filter elements, they made a great team for your application. Both filters feature identical pressure ratings, but HMK handles double the flow capacity as HMK04, so there's no need to inventory two different part numbers for replacement elements.

A full range of media options are available, using Donaldson's exclusive Synteq synthetic media designed especially for liquid filtration. Likewise, select the exact indicator types and bypass options to suit your application.

"Length: 5.97"" (152 mm) Thread Size: 1 3/8-12 Gasket OD: 2.76"" (70 mm) Gasket ID: 2.48"" (63 mm) Outer Diameter: 3.82"" (97 mm) Efficiency 50%: 2 Micron Efficiency Beta 2: 2 Micron Efficiency Beta 20: 3 Micron Efficiency Beta 75: 5 Micron "


  • Item #: P165354
  • Manufacturer: Donaldson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: P165354

Donaldson Duramax Spin On Hydraulic Filter P165354

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