Donaldson HMK05 Duramax Head Assembly P167619

HMK05 (single) and HMK25 (double) Duramax spin-on filters are perfect for hign-flow applications, featuring a heavy duty steel body and diecast top plate for added strength.

A special head-to-canister )-ring seal prevents leakage. BunaN seals are standard. Seals made if flourocarbon (sucha as Viton from DuPont Dow Elastomers or Flourel from 3M Company) are available. SImce both HNK05 and HNK25 models use the same replacement filter elements, they make a great team within your application. Both filters feature identical pressure ratings, but the HMK25 double element head means double the flow capacity, with two filters to hold more contaminant. So there's no need to inventory two different part numbers for replacement elements.

"Product Group: HH Product Type Description: HEAD ASSEMBLY HMK05 DURAMAX Primary Application: 1-1/4'''' O-RING PORTS, Primary Application 2: 25 PSI BYPASS VALVE "


  • Item #: P167619
  • Manufacturer: Donaldson
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: P167619

Donaldson HMK05 Duramax Head Assembly P167619

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