Depth Fitler Element—4 part size 500

Filter Elements –Wound Cellulose Depth High efficiency filtration at very low micron levels (Less than or equal to 1 micron)Features include: •Axial flow filtration is between the layers of the media •Dislodges contamination rather than just screening it out •Long flow path -works best slow •Ideal for filtering petroleum-based fluids •Performance to beta less than 3(c)=1000 (per ISO 16889) •Dirt holding capacity up to 10lb per element •Absorbs up to 1 gallon of water per element •Can maintain moisture levels below 50ppm 

  • Item #: 04-104 DC-D10000C5004B
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 04-104 DC-D10000C5004B

Des-Case Depth Fitler Element 4 part size 500 (04-104)

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