Des-Case Steel Breather DC-RS-3

Storage Tank Volume Max: 800 Gallons GPM: 638 The Steel Breathers were Designed Specifically for Applications where there are Very High Temperatures, Extremely Dirty Air, Or a Corrosive Environment. They Are Ruggedly Designed, with Housing of Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel or Stainless. The Hygroscopic Agent (Desiccant) is Enclosed in a Bag of Polyester Filter Material. This Desiccant filter is Easily Installed When it is Time to Replace or Recharge the Unit.

Ships in 10 days.


Rebuild Kit: (DC-RS-3-RK)

  • Item #: DC-RS-3
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case

Des-Case (DC-RS-3) Rebuildable Steel Breather

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