21" Length Oil Level Indicator

21" Length Oil Level Indicator.

The Horizontal Mounted Oil Sight Glass provides continuous fluid monitoring of the clarity, color, sediment and water contamination by allowing operators the ability to see the oil, monitor its condition and instantly drain the water accumulation.  Designed for equipment that is located too close to the ground to install the Standard Oil Sight Glass, the Horizontal Oil Sight Glass solves the problem of limited access. Minimum ground clearance is typical for many gear boxes.   This problem is solved by the eccentric placement of the inlet nipple and outlet drain valve to allow for the same efficient functionality of the Oil Sight Glass but in a horizontal position. The strong, crystal clear, cast acrylic, brass nipple and drain valve are suitable for most environments, but stainless steel hardware is available.  When the Tattle Tales, Bottom Sediment and Water Bowls, BS&W, Pig Tails or Bulls Eyes cannot do the trick because of limited vertical access, this product is your answer.

Esco Oil Level Indicator.  21" in length, .875" OD, 1/2" NPT, Male Thread Type. Maximum PSI 225.  Operating Temperature -  40°F to 165°F, -40°C to 74°C.  Usually ships in 5 days. 

  • Item #: DC-OLI21
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DC-OLI21

Des-Case 21" Length Oil Level Indicator

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