Petro Canada Luminol Bi

Petro-Canada’s LUMINOL family of electrical insulating fluids can help you minimize power loss and maximize productivity. LUMINOL fluids withstand energy spikes and hot and cold weather extremes better than naphthenic electrical insulating oils. Their naturally high oxidation stability resists breakdown longer and helps provide extended service life, resulting in less maintenance and top-up.

For use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity:

 LUMINOL Bi for Type II applications

Also for use in free-breathing units, pad mount, and pole mount transformers.

Excellent heat transfer characteristics and oxidation stability.

High dielectric impulse strength and low power-factor (dielectric loss) for improved performance under severe conditions.

Full compatibility with existing naphthenic insulating oils.

Colourless and odourless.

LUMINOL transformer fluids are inherently biodegradable, free of carcinogenic polynuclear aromatics (PNAs) and virtually non-toxic.

Can help reduce community concerns about transformer oil toxicity, spill liability and disposal costs.

  • Item #: LUMBI
  • Manufacturer: Petro Canada

Luminol Bi Electrical Insulating Fluids (55 gal drum)

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