Des Case 4"x5" Disposable Hygroscopic Breather (Model DC-2)

Des-Case (DC-2) Disposable Hygroscopic Breather. Case of 6 breathers.

Storage Tank Volume Max: 200 Gallons GPM 120

Every Des-Case Desiccant Breather is Manufactured in a Durable, Shock-Absorbing Clear Plastic Casing with Resilient Qualities to Withstand the Customary Abuse associated with Heavy Manufacturing Equipment. The Units are Disposable, and are Manufactured Entirely of Environmentally Safe Components.

DC-2 is Rated for 16 CFM of Air in and out of the Tank or Reservoir (The Equivalent of 120 GPM Fluid Level Change in the Tank)

Case of 6 breathers.


  • Item #: DC-2 CASE
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DC-2

Des-Case DC-2 (CASE OF 6) Disposable Breathers

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