Des-Case DC-XD-6 Extreme Duty Breather (Case of 6)

Des-Case (DC-XD-6) Extreme Duty Breather. Sold in cases of 6 breathers.

Automotive Grade Molded Housing for Increased Vibration Resistance. Ideal for Harsh Environments, High Temperatures, and Mobile and Nautical Applications, Multi-Tiered Filtration Process; Water Vapor Absorbent; Optional Check Valve System Extends Product Life even Further. 6.51" High 5.1" Diameter, Silica Gel, 0.3 Micron Rating

Des-Case Extreme Duty breathers have been designed to take contamination control to a whole new level, standing up to a wide variety of applications in challenging environments.  They attack the cause of conamination, keeping dirt and water where it belongs - out of your equipment!

Also see Flapper valve adapter for extreme duty breather DC-XD-6 part#DC-XDVA-16M.

Shipping Dimensions: 7"x5.5"x5.5"; 3.5 lbs each/ 21 lbs per case of 6


  • Item #: DC-XD-6 CASE
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DC-XD-6

Des-Case DC-XD-6 Extreme Duty Breather (Case of 6)

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