Mobil DTE Light

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Product Description
Mobil DTE Light, Medium, Heavy Medium and Heavy are a range of high quality circulation oils made from solvent refined high viscosity index base oils and blended with anti-oxidant and anti-rust additives. They meet BS 489 Turbine Oil Requirements.
Mobil DTE Oil Named Series offer the following benefits:
· Extremely high level of chemical and thermal stability gives long service life, and potential to extend drain periods
· High level of protection against rust and corrosion
· Rapid and complete separation from water
· Very high resistance to emulsification
· Excellent air release properties
· Prevention of sludges improves operating efficiency
· Higher production and reduced maintenance costs increase operating profits
The Mobil DTE Oil Named Series are intended primarily for continuous re-use service in circulation lubrication systems where design factors and maintenance procedures ensure minimum leakage loss. This includes steam, water and gas turbines - splash, bath and ring oiling arrangements - and all other continuous re-use methods involving pumps, valves and ancillary equipment.
Mobil DTE Oil Named Series have a high viscosity index which ensures minimum variation in film thickness and minimum power loss during the warm up period. They have superior oxidation stability as measured in the IP280 (CIGRE) oxidation test and proved over many years of service.
They are specially fortified to prevent the formation of rust. They also have the ability to separate rapidly from
any water which may find access to the circulation system. They protect against the formation of emulsions and
sludges which seriously detract from lubricating efficiency.
The Mobil DTE Oil Named Series have a marked resistance to foaming and have excellent air release properties allowing entrained air to separate at the oil surface. This is particularly vital in circulation systems in which air entrained in the oil can lead to pump cavitation and erratic operation.


  • Item #: MDTEL
  • Manufacturer: Mobil

Mobil DTE Light (55 Gallon Drum)

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