Oil Safe Premium Pump - Blue

Sharing the unmatched efficiency and reliability of the OIL SAFE Standard Pump, this heavy duty discharge pump:

  • is color-coded,
  • has an ultra comfortable D handle grip design,
  • has fully serviceable internals for maximum life,
  • can be converted for use with quick connects, and
  • is capable of efficiently handling fluids of up to ISO 680 viscosity.

Easily convert your OIL SAFE Premium Pump for operation with quick connects with one of the available conversion kits.  Kits include a hose with 1/4" NPT thread (for connection to female quick connect), a 1/4" NPT for the pump return port (for connection of a male quick connect), and a 10 Micron Breather.

Breather fits accesory port on side body of pump - accesory port is 1/4" NPT Female.

Color coded collars and other spares are also available.

Note:  Pump comes standard with Hook Outlet hose and does not include Breather.  Breather must be bought seperately on its own or with Quick Connect Kits.

  • Item #: 102302
  • Manufacturer: OIL SAFE®

Oil Safe Premium Pump - Blue

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