EcoSafe EHC-46 (55 Gallon Drum)
EcoSafe® EHC fluids represent a significant advancement in fireresistant hydraulic fluid technology. These fully synthetic, non-aqueous
formulations deliver performance superior to premium anti-wear mineral oils, and offer significant performance and environmental
advantages over other fluid options – including other synthetics.

EcoSafe® EHC fluids are especially formulated for electro-hydraulic control (EHC) valve service and other applications within fossil fuel
power station operations, including high-pressure systems, systems with servo valves, and all robotics.

EcoSafe® EHC fluids are based on a very high VI, polyether polyol base stock combined with a patented non-metallic additive package. The
high dielectric properties of EcoSafe® EHC fluids eliminate electrochemical erosion of EHC servo-valves. Unlike phosphate and polyol
ester-based fluids, they do not break down when exposed to water, minimizing potential for fluid degradation and system damage. As a
result, fluid changeout intervals are extended under even the most severe operating conditions.

EcoSafe® EHC fluids are classified as FM Approved industrial fluids by Factory Mutual and meet stringent criteria for biodegradability and low toxicity.


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  • Item #: ECOSAFE EHC-46
  • Manufacturer: American Chemical Technologies EcoSafe

EcoSafe EHC-46 (55 Gallon Drum)

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