Des-Case DC-EX-2 (CASE OF 6) Extended Series Breathers

The new Des-Case Extended Series breathers combines the trusted materials, design, and high air flow of our Standard breathers with the check-valves of our hybrid breathers, plus a new oil mist reducing feature and more than double the desiccant!

Des-Case breathers are state-of-the-art in design and function, and are the ideal choice for assuring maximum machine performance. Our Extended Series Desiccant breathers offer these cost-saving benefits:

  • Elimination of water-contaminated oil, which leads to additive stripping

  • Elimination of rust-forming condensation

  • Elimination of sludge deposits

  • Less abrasive particles to prolong machine operating life

  • Longer oil and oil filter life

Filter Media: Polyurethane, polyester

Hydrophilic Agent: Silica gel

All Other Materials: Polycarbonate, nylon, polypropylene, PVC, Buna-N, silicon, EPDM



Sizing Recommendation:

Max Airlfow at 1psid:26cfm/736lpm

Recommended Max. Volume for:

Gearbox/Storage Tank:  600gal/2271L

Hydraulic Reservoir: 200gal/757L


Water Adsorption Capacity:

Maximum Water Retention: 14.1fl. oz./417ml


Weight & Connections:

Connection: 1" Female (FNPT)

Lbs of Desiccant: 2.2lb/1.0kg




  • Item #: DC-EX-2-CASE
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DC-EX-2-CASE

Des-Case DC-EX-2 (CASE OF 6) Extended Series Breathers

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